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Rain a perfect time for house inspections

Although it’s very tempting to give house hunting a miss when the weather turns inclement, this actually is the perfect time to view your next possible home.

Guttering and roofing are the first line of protection when it comes to managing water on a property so check that they are in good order and not rusted through. All down pipes should be hooked up to the storm water system and clear from debris. A wet day will quickly reveal if there is a hole or a blockage.

Water pooling around the site may show incorrect gradients being used that directs water to places that hold it rather than disperse it. These problems can be extremely costly to fix, as actual earthmoving, with heavy machinery, is one of the only options to restore an incorrect gradient.

Soggy grass shows poor drainage. This can be detrimental to lawns and garden beds depending on the species of both growing, not to mention an inconvenience to live with. A sub surface drain is relatively inexpensive to install and this can help to disperse water in the soil to a point where it no longer pools or straight to a drainage system.


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