What are Century-Line Sleeves?

Century-Line® Pipe Penetration Sleeves are used to create circular sleeved holes in concrete-poured barriers including; walls, floors, ceilings, structural supports and tank footings.

They are mostly used to create penetrations in water, gas and non-aggressive applications but are also resistant to some acids, alkalis and other organic solvents.

Molded from non-conductive, high impact resistant HDPE, Century-Line® sleeves are engineered to provide a stable penetration from 50 mm to 628 mm diameter.

Century-Line® Sleeves are engineered to create the ultimate seal when used in conjunction with Link-Seal® for a lifetime of leak-proof performance.

Projex Group can supply you all the specialised items required to effectively seal the annular space between pipes and the concrete barriers through which they pass.

Century-Line Sleeves Models

Century-Line® Sleeve CS-12-12 = 6.5 lbs.

Century-Line® Sleeve CS-12-12 = 6.5 lbs.

Century-Line Sleeves are available in 16 diameter sizes ranging from 2″ (50mm) to 25″ (628mm) in any desired length. Standard sleeves are 16″ (406mm) in length.

The 2” (50mm) water stop collar not only anchors the sleeve in position but creates a long tortuous path against the migration of water around the outside of the sleeve.

Century-Line® sleeve’s unique hollow water stop collar acts like an expansion joint, adjusting (up to 1/2” – 12.7mm) to the thickness of the wall. This compressive force reacts against the forms like a spring, creating a prevailing tension, which maintains proper sleeve location within the formwork

Benefits in using the Century-Line Sleeves:

  • Will create a perfect circular sleeved hole in concrete poured barriers incl. walls, floors, ceilings, structural supports and tank footings
  • Requires no special tools or machinery to be installed
  • Positive hydrostatic seal
  • Resistant to water migration
  • Adjustable to wall thickness
  • Nailer-end caps to position sleeve precisely
  • Moulded from tough HDPE
  • Easily installed by one construction worker
  • Sleeves can be cut shorter on-site using ordinary hand tools.
  • Lightweight – 1/8 the weight of steel
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and other organic solvents
  • Will never rust, corrode or degrade
  • Suitable for temperature between -40º C to 66º C.

Century-Line Sleeve in combination with Link-Seals guarantees a perfect seal.