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Cosmofin Waterproofing Membranes

Engineered & Manufactured by Wolfin Membranes

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What is Cosmofin Waterproofing Membrane?

The Australian Standard in Waterproofing

AS 4654.1 & AS 4858 Compliant

Cosmofin waterproofing membrane is a reinforced high quality flexible PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) single ply sheet membrane that is engineered in Germany by Wolfin membranes.

Cosmofin membranes meet the Australian Standard for waterproofing membrane materials AS 4654.1 – 2012 and Cosmofin FG LL also complies to AS 4858 for Internal and Wet Areas.

The Cosmofin range has been manufactured & designed as a full ancillary system incorporating all it’s own components integrated with the membrane to ensure total compatibility and provide the complete waterproofing system.

The Cosmofin membranes are 1.5mm thick, light grey and available with or without fleece backing allowing for all types of installation including bonded, loose laid, ballasted or mechanically fastened applications.

All waterproofing contractors, waterproofing applicators or waterproofing specialists can install Cosmofin Membrane System.

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What is Cosmofin used for?

It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, UV Stable & has been widely used in Australia for over 23 years on a range of commercial & residential projects such as:

  • Schools/universities
  • Private residences
  • Apartments/units
  • Retail developments
  • Hospitals
  • Factories & warehouses
  • Offices

The Complete Cosmofin System

Cosmofin FG LL

Reinforced membrane

  • Specially formulated for Australian conditions
  • Over 25 years proven track record in Australia
  • Certified Root-Resistant (FLL Tested)
  • Loose-laid applications
  • Suitable for basements, lift pits, retaining walls, etc.
  • Roll size: 1.65m x 20m long and 1.5mm thick
  • Colour : light grey
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Cosmofin FG LL Roll PVC Waterproofing Membrane
Exposed Cosmofin LLV Waterproofing Membrane on Commercial Building Roof - Remedial Waterproofing

Cosmofin LLV

Reinforced membrane with fleece backing

  • Specially formulated for Australian conditions
  • Suitable for roof (exposed, green, insulated), podiums, balconies, planter boxes, courtyards, terraces, etc.
  • Ideal for bonded and/or loose laid applications
  • Can be laid directly over bitumen
  • Roll size: 1.65m x 15m long and 2mm thick (incl. fleece)
  • Colour : light grey
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Cosmofin D Grey

Unreinforced detailing/closer strip membrane

  • Used in detailing around pipes penetrations
  • Can be solvent welded directly to PVC
  • >250% elongation
  • Roll size: 1m x 20m long and 1.5mm thick
  • Colour : light grey
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Cosmofin D Roll Supplied by Projex Group

Cosmofin System Components


  • Used to terminate & secure the Cosmofin membrane
  • Welded directly to the membrane with all fixings encapsulated
  • 24 gge galvanised steel with membrane factory bonded to one side.
  • 5 standard profile shapes available in stock
  • Custom made profiles can be made to order
  • Colour: Light Grey


  • Preformed inner and outer corners
  • The Cosmofin membrane is welded direct to the corners.


  • Adhesive for strip bonding of Cosmofin LLV membrane to most substrate where adhering is required
  • Can be used over existing membranes and damp substrates
  • Is applied using 60cm Lance Application Gun


  • To apply TK400 for strip-bonding Cosmofin LLV membrane


  • Universal structural fixing for roof mounting
  • Used to attach and support solar panels, hot water tanks, air conditioning units, etc.
  • Can be welded to both Cosmofin and Wolfin PVC membranes


  • Used to fasten items directly to the Cosmofin membrane without piercing the membrane itself.
  • The pin has an 80mm diameter base plate, which is made of black Wolfin membrane
  • It also has a protruding 25mm vertical threaded bar and locking nuts
  • Can be welded directly to any Cosmofin or Wolfin membrane system.


  • The pre-made renovation floor drain outlets are supplied in two different sizes
    • To fit existing 70mm drain pipe (DN70)
    • To fit existing 100mm drain pipe (DN100)
  • Drain supplied with leaf stop and roll rings
  • Stainless Steel pipe length 300mm
  • Comes with a Wolfin PVC membrane flange 350mm wide
  • Colour: Black (can be painted or covered with Cosmofin membrane)


  • The pre-made extension floor drain outlets has a pipe diameter of 125mm
  • Drain supplied with leaf stop (no roll ring)
  • Can be installed directly in core hole
  • Comes with Wolfin PVC membrane flange 350mm wide
  • Stainless Steel pipe length 300mm
  • Colour: Black (can be painted or covered with Cosmofin membrane)


  • The overflow drain is particularly well-suited to drain balconies and critical areas
  • Comes with a Wolfin PVC membrane flange
  • Stainless Steel pipe length 500mm
  • Pipe diameter 50mm
  • Colour: Black (can be painted or covered with Cosmofin membrane)


  • The gravel stop cover can be installed on all our pre-made drains (DN70, DN100, DN125)
  • Is made of stainless steel
  • One Size Fits All – Trap Basket
  • Dimensions 195mm x 195mm x 38mm


  • Tetrahydrafuran cold welding solvent, for cold welding overlaps & connection of the membrane to PVC pipes.


  • Used to create safe walking paths.
  • Hot air welded directly to the Cosmofin or Wolfin membranes.
  • Adds extra protection to the membrane in high maintenance traffic areas.
  • Colour: dark grey
  • Roll: 15m long x 1.06m wide.
For technical support, advice, design and project consultations, please fill out the form below and one of our experienced technical team member will contact you to discuss your requirements.
Please fill out the form below to request a list of licensed applicators that are accredited for the installation of Cosmofin and Wolfin PVC waterproofing system to Australian standards.
Stock of Cosmofin and Wolfin membranes is available and can be dispatched promptly from our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  For further information, please contact Projex Group office.


Benefits in using Cosmofin Waterproofing System:

  • Engineered in Germany by Wolfin membrane
  • Meet Australian Standards AS 4654.1 & AS 4858
  • Can be installed over damp substrates
  • Can be used in new & remedial applications
  • Excellent stockholding in Australia
  • UV stable
  • Hot air welded overlaps/connections
  • Customised foam adhesive (LLV) for bonding
  • Plant roots resistant (FLL tested & Din En 13948)
  • High puncture & impact resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Welds directly to PVC pipes
  • Complete ancillary system
  • 5 x standard profiles available-Specials made to order
  • Can be strip bonded, loose laid or mechanically fastened
  • Safe in Permanently Wet Areas
  • Acid, Alkali & Micro-organism Resistant
  • Free of cadmium and lead stabilisers

Why Waterproofers like working with Cosmofin?

One of the main reasons Waterproofing Contractors prefer the Cosmofin Membrane System is that it’s supplied as a full ancillary package including 3 versions of the Cosmofin Membrane (F, FG LL & FG LLV), factory bonded profiles, pre-made corners, welding solvent for connecting directly to PVC pipes & is manufactured in Europe. It is supplied as a full complete system.

Cosmofin Membranes can be installed over most substrates including damp, can be bonded or loose-laid & are backed by Projex Group offering full support & service with all installations.

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Overview of the Australian Standards for Waterproofing

Projex Group Pty Ltd ensure the Design and Installation of Wolfin Waterproofing Membrane Meets the Australian Standard (AS 4654.1-2012 & AS 4654.2-2012)

Read the Standards
Balcony Waterproofing

The Projex Mission is to source and supply technically excellent products to meet the needs of owners, designers, insurers and operators of buildings and structures for specialist protection against water, industrial liquids, impact and corrosion risks.