What are External Divided Sleeves?

The External Divided Sleeves are a two-piece split sleeve system that can be retrofitted around an existing pipe or cable to either side of a wall/bund. The Link-Seals are then installed to provide the permanent seal.

External Sleeve with Link-Seal mechanical Seals

External Sleeve with Link-Seal mechanical Seals

The External Divided Sleeve can be used in conjunction with the Link-Seal System to solve difficult pipe penetration challenges.

The External Divided Sleeve offers complete protection when the annular space is too small, when the core isn’t exact or doesn’t align with the pipe or cable. The base plate can also be customised during manufacture to ensure that it is anchored and sealed to the substrate securely.

The External Divided Sleeves are manufactured from S-304 Stainless Steel and come complete with all bolts, nuts and the appropriate rubber gasket that seal against a variety of chemicals like fuel, oil, water and gas.

Benefits of using External Divided Sleeves

  • Can be fitted around pipes or cables that are already installed & in use
  • Suitable for pipes from 50mm to 1600mm OD
  • Stainless steel base & collar for longevity
  • Easy and quick to install (No special tools required)
  • Can be re-fitted and re-used
  • EPDM or SBR rubber gasket seals to substrate
  • Two or more penetrations can be fitted on a single base plate
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