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Projex Damtec Sub Ballast Mat – Technical Informations

Projex Damtec SBM is available in rolls of 10mm or 20mm thicknesses.  It can handle axle load in excess of 40 TAL.

Projex Damtec Sub Ballast Mat conforms to the ASA and TfNSW Standard for Ballast (T HR TR 00192 ST), Section 11.6. Track stiffness and ballast mat.

Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Matting meets V-Line Type approval.



AXLE LOAD: 25 tonne, > 200km/h 25 tonne < 200km/h
35 tonne, < 200km/h 40 tonne < 200km/h
AREAS: Heavy (Passenger) & Heavy Haul Lines, Freight & Light Rail Systems Heavy (Passenger) & Heavy Haul Lines, Freight & Light Rail Systems
THICKNESS: 10mm 20mm
WIDTH: 1250mm 1250mm
LENGTH: 6000mm 4000mm
WEIGHT: 6.5 kg/m2 13.0 kg/m2
CSTAT: 0.12 N/mm3 +/- 0.02N/mm3(DIN 45673-5) 0.06 N/mm3 (DIN 45673-5)
BENEFITS Reduce Vibrations Reduce Vibrations, Structure & Air Borne Noise

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