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Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Matting (SBM)

Isolation and protection matting for all types of railway construction & infrastructure maintenance

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What is Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Matting (SBM)?

Projex Damtec Sub Ballast Mat

Conforms to the ASA and TfNSW Standard for Ballast (T HR TR 00192 ST), Section 11.6. Track stiffness and ballast mat. Projex Sub-Ballast Matting has V-Line type approval

The Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Mat (SBM) is an isolation and protection matting for all types of railway construction & infrastructure maintenance in heavy rail, heavy haul rail, high speed, rapid transit and light rail networks / systems.

The Sub Ballast Mat absorbs vibrations and considerably reduces acoustic emissions as well as structure-borne sound transmissions. It protects sub-grade formation and reduces frequency of the ballast maintenance requirements through reduced vibration and better-balanced loading.

It is made from special mixture of PU foam and high-quality virgin rubber granules with a PU elastomer bonding agent.

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Sub-Ballast Matting for Railway Track Construction

Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Matting Models and Complementary Product

Product Options

Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Mat is available in two different thicknesses:

  • SBM Roll 10mm Thick
  • SBM Roll 20mm Thick
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Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Mat Roll for Noise and Vibration Reduction in Railway

Projex SBM Joining Tape (1mm x 75mm x 20m)

The tape must be used to join the rolls of SBM together and complete the entire system.

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Why use the Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Mat?

  • German manufactured, superior performance
  • Stock held in Australia
  • V-Line Type Approval
  • Proven and tested technology
  • Easy installation, cost effective
  • Complies with engineering standards
  • Tough, durable & permeable to water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High kinetic energy absorption
  • Ideal for insulation of acoustic & vibration emissions
  • Protects sensitive waterproofing layer against damage from ballast
  • Protects adjacent buildings by reducing vibrations
  • Prolongs lifetime of the ballast
  • Position and level of the track remain stable long term
  • High elasticity allowing absorption of undulations in bedding layer
  • Can be used for mass spring systems
  • Range of dynamic static stiffness applicable to different track requirements and applications
  • High performance with axle loads in excess of 40 TAL
  • Reduce structure-borne noise
& secondary air-borne noise
Stock of Projex Sub-Ballast Mat in the Sydney warehouse

What Projex Group Can Do For You

Our commitment is to advise you which product is suitable for your project and/or application to ensure optimum solutions are achieved.

We provide project consultations on an as-needed basis or alternatively please fill the form below and one of our technical staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.
Projex Group technical staff will assist in selecting the right sub-ballast matting for your application.
Projex Group maintain large stock of Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Mat Australia wide ensuring you can complete your project within your time constraints.

The Projex Mission is to source and supply technically excellent products to meet the needs of owners, designers, insurers and operators of buildings and structures for specialist protection against water, industrial liquids, impact and corrosion risks.