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Critical Areas Waterproofed with Wolfin at the Faculty of Law: USYD


Nestled between the Carslaw Building and the Fisher Library and overlooking Victoria Park is Sydney University’s newest building for the Faculty of Law.

Much of the building is situated below the large, open courtyard with direct, level access from Eastern Avenue. Steps at the eastern end of the courtyard lead down to Barff Road and the boundary of the University grounds. Amongst the walkways and grassed areas that form the open courtyard. Within the building below the courtyard are study rooms, seminar rooms, bathrooms, a lecture theatre and library.

A critical element of the building’s functionality was the waterproofing. With such large areas to be waterproofed over critical areas and knowing that access to the waterproofing medium would be extremely difficult to access once the landscaping works were completed, the Wolfin GWSK bonded membrane system was chosen due to its proven track record in similar projects.

The membrane works included the courtyard, external stairs from the courtyard to Barff Road, open plant areas, flat roofing areas and joining onto the existing adjacent buildings. The lift over-run pits in the basement of the building were also waterproofed with the Wolfin system.

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