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Century Line Sleeves Technical Data

Application & InstallCentury-Line Sleeve Product


Century-Line® Sleeves – for openings to 24.81” diameter

Where pipes pass through walls and floors of new structures, unless otherwise shown or specified, install molded non-metallic high density polyethylene Model CS Century-Line® sleeves as manufactured by PSI-Thunderline/Link-Seal®.

Model CS Sleeves shall have integrally formed hollow water stop sized having a minimum of four inches larger than the outside diameter of the sleeve itself and allowing 1/2” movement between wall forms to resist pour forces.

Each sleeve assembly shall have end caps manufactured of the same material as the sleeve itself and installed at each end of the sleeve so as to prevent deformation during the initial concrete pour, and to facilitate attaching the sleeve to the wall forms.

End caps shall remain in place to protect the opening from residual debris and rodent entry prior to pipe insertion.

Technical Data

Weights and Dimensional Data Model CS (16” length)
MODEL I.D. (In.) I.D. (mm) lbs. Kg.
CS-2 1.98 50.3 0.70 0.32
CS-3 2.94 74.7 1.30 0.59
CS-3-1/2 3.38 85.9 1.50 0.68
CS-4 4.03 102.4 2.00 0.90
CS-5 5.14 130.6 2.80 1.27
CS-6 6.14 156.0 3.60 1.63
CS-8 8.21 208.5 4.80 2.18
CS-10 10.19 258.8 6.40 2.90
CS-12 12.26 311.4 7.20 3.27
CS-14 14.14 359.2 11.20 5.08
CS-16 16.18 411.0 12.00 5.44
CS-18 17.45 443.2 15.50 7.03
CS-20 19.12 485.6 17.50 7.94
CS-22 20.32 516.1 21.00 9.53
CS-24 22.76 578.1 22.00 9.98
CS-25 24.81 630.2 23.00 10.43
Weight Comparison
WS-12-37-S-12 = 60 lbs.
Century-Line® Sleeve
CS-12-12 = 6.5 lbs.
WS-12-37-S-12 = 60 lbs.
Century-Line® Sleeve
CS-12-12 = 6.5 lbs


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