Typical Applications

1- Cell-Cast Discs in combination with Link-Seal

Cell-Cast Discs are a preformed HDPE mould used to create a perfectly round large penetration in a poured concrete wall. After the Cell-Cast Discs has been removed Link-Seals can be used to permanently provide a hydrostatic seal between the pipe and hole.

Installation Instructions

Cell-Cast Discs are easy to install. Click on the links below to:

Before concrete pour

Before concrete pour

After concrete pour

After concrete pour

How to install Cell-Cast Disc?

Step 1: Locate centerline where the hole is desired. This location will be used as a guide where the threaded centering rod will be placed.

Step 2: A 2×4 (48 x 95 mm) wood nailer is included. Fasten it along with the threaded rod directly to the inner face of the formwork. This provides support and helps center the complete Cell-Cast® Disc assembly.

Step 3: Slide the first Cell-Cast® Disc over the *threaded rod. Note: Use only 1 threaded rod for equal distribution. More than one rod could take disks out of shape.

Step 4: Secure the edges of the cell to the form using the provided steel spikes.

Step 5: Additional discs are interlocked to accommodate finished wall thickness. Verify thickness is the same as the wall.

Step 6: Guide the 1” (25 mm) wood block over the threaded rod and secure the assembly with the wing nut provided.

Step 7: Wrap each seam with one wrap of 2” (48 mm) wide tape to bridge any possible gaps. Note: Tape not included. Finish installing concrete forms and pour concrete.

Step 8: After wall cures, remove the formwork. The Cell-Cast® Disc assembly is now ready for removal.

Step 9: Chip excess concrete from the edge of the Cell-Cast® Disc assembly and wall.

Step 10: Remove discs by breaking or cutting out the entire Cell-Cast® Disc assembly.

Step 11: Inspect the installation. A smooth opening is important for a proper Link-Seal® Mechanical Seal installation. Repair voids and grind smooth any ridges.

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