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Ravensworth North Underground Mine

Project: Ravensworth North Underground Mine

Objective: Core, install and seal 6 pipes into a clarified water tank

Challenge: Maintenance Shutdown, Time Critical

The challenge was to core, install and seal 6 pipes into a clarified water tank. This was to be carried out within a 5 day window, which included the decommissioning and cleaning out of the tank, coring 6 x 900mm holes through 250mm thick concrete walls, installation of the fabricated pipe ends and finally the application of a watertight seal, all to be carried out safely and within budget within the allocated time.

The application of the Link-Seals themselves was simple, efficient and very comprehensive. The results were evident after tightening the last bolt! There was no need for any adhesives or grouts, which meant that there was no downtime for curing which made up for the delays that were encountered throughout the shutdown period. The tank was filled immediately after the Link-Seals were installed.

Everyone involved in the project including the immediate workers, the management of Downer Edi and the mine management themselves were extremely impressed with the Link-Seal system. We are confident that a new precedence has been set on site using this product.

Break down of the benefits by using the Link-Seals on this Project:

  • Only one contractor used to install the Link-Seals
  • No special tools used – Only hand wrench
  • Saved time and money
  • No down time on curing – The moment the last bolt was tightened the tank was filled
  • 100% Water tight seal
  • No adhesives, chemical fixtures or epoxy coating were needed – Only the Link-Seal

Typical Link-Seal Installation:

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