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How to Seal Sewage Pipe Penetrations in Sydney’s Barangaroo Development?

Sewage Pipe Penetrations Seal in Sydney’s Barangaroo Development

Barangaroo was developed with wastewater recycling and a leading-edge water re-use system,  the aim being to create a water positive precinct – that is, recycling and exporting more water than the drinking water that is imported.

Part of this impressive initiative was to seal the sewage mining schemes pipe penetrations.


Critical pipe penetrations that may be exposed to aggressive chemicals must be permanently sealed.

Whilst the standard (EPDM) rubber Link Seals are suitable for all water applications and resistant to chemical exposure the engineers involved at Barangaroo were concerned that there may be exposure to highly aggressive chemicals at some periods, such as during maintenance.  An alternative pipe penetration seal should be sought.


The Link-Seal “O” models are made from Nitrile Rubber and are fitted with reinforced nylon polymer pressure plates and S316 stainless steel fasteners.

The “O” model of Link Seal is designed for sealing pipe penetrations that come into contact with harsh chemicals, hydrocarbons, fuels, oils and of course recycled water and the elements found within. They will remain fully intact and provide perfect sealing when exposed to harsh chemicals.

The Link-Seal “O” model was selected for the site and the team at Projex Group assisted the engineers to determine core hole sizes for the specified pipes to pass through along with calculating the number and size of “O” model Link Seals to seal each penetration with precision.

Did you know Projex Group Pty Ltd is the Australian Distributor and Stockist of all Link-Seal models and sizes? Projex Group will help you select and calculate your pipe penetration sealing requirements before fulfilling your order.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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