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Application & Installation of WS Steel Sleeves

Where can Steel Sleeves be used?


  • Bund Walls
  • Fuel Tanks

Steel Sleeves are used to create a penetration when hydrocarbons, high temperatures or aggressive chemicals are involved. They are also used when a fire rating is required.

Installation of WS Steel Wall Sleeves

Steel Sleeves are easy to install. No special tools or equipment is required for installations. Here are the 5 steps to follow when installing Steel Sleeves:


Step 1: Place Steel Sleeve into formwork

Step 2: Pour concrete

Step 3: When concrete has cured, remove the formwork and the penetration is ready to use

Step 4: Place carrier pipe centered to the sleeve

Step 5: Install the Link-Seal to seal the penetration

Technical Assistance

The Projex Mission is to source and supply technically excellent products to meet the needs of owners, designers, insurers and operators of buildings and structures for specialist protection against water, industrial liquids, impact and corrosion risks.