The Use and Installation of Strailastic_GRS

Track section base plates (GRS) are used for position stability and as an aid for assembling tracks. STRAILastic_GRS helps to firmly set and adjust the track section into the right position and height so that the supporting concrete slab can be cast underneath the rail. Also, the filling concrete can be poured in between the rails without interruptions.


Here are the 3 easy steps to follow when installing the Strailastic_GRS system :

Step 1- Depending on the type of track/structure, position a Strailatic_GRS every few metres from each other on both side of the track. Every 3m “displaced” right and left in the straight track and every 1,5 m on each side in curves.

Step 2- Align the track section base plate (GRS) to a perfect level. Please note that it can also be cast in concrete without the use of an additional levelling course.

Step 3- Simply place the track on top of the GRS system and verify the levelling one last time.

A more detailed guide on how to install & use the Strailastic Track Section Base Plate will be available soon


Strailastic_GRS in combination with Strailastic_S

It is also recommended to use the Strailastic_GRS system in conjunction with the Strailastic_S.

Each assembly step and accessory has been designed to reduce installation time to a bare minimum.