Officer Road Underpass – Officer Station (VIC)

The primary objective was to enhance the bridge structure and its ballast walls to reduce excessive noise and vibration forces caused by train operations.

Another objective was to limit the impact force created when the trains enter and exit the bridge structures (approaches). The 20mm Projex Damtec SBM system was identified as the most appropriate solution for this bridge structure.

Client: MTM
Contractor: Coleman Rail Pty Ltd
Supplier of Sub Ballast matting: Projex Group Pty Ltd

The Client reported that: “Whilst the bridge was off the track the 20mm Projex Sub Ballast matting was laid on to the bridge deck. The matting was held down with adhesive and ballast matting tape. Installation was easy as dimension meant cutting to size was not necessary. Holes were cut for drainage. After the bridge was jacked in to position, ballast was laid on top with wheeled/hi-rail excavators. Although concerning was the use of heavy machinery driving over the SBM the product proved extremely tough & durable with no damage. A high performing product that is applicable to all aspects in rail engineering”.