Finding a Swimming Pool Leak

shutterstock_7336564Indications that your swimming pool is leaking include losing more than two inches of water per week, an excessive water bill and the over-use of chemicals to keep the water chemically balanced.

To determine if you have a leak, one test involves marking a line at the water level next to the skimmer with waterproof tape or a grease pencil. The mark should be checked 24 hrs later, and if the water level has dropped by more than ¼ inch it means that your pool is leaking.

There are many components of swimming pools and so it can be hard to determine where exactly the leak is coming from. The first places to check are the filter, heater, pump and pipe valves.

If nothing obvious is the cause of the leak, it may be that something more serious is occurring. For example, a common problem with older concrete pools is that they haven’t been waterproofed properly with membrane and so the pool water begins to leak through the grouting of the tile line.

In these cases it’s essential that you fix the problem as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and also to save water on your next water bill.

The best way to prevent leaks from ever occurring is to ensure you waterproof your swimming pool the right way at the start. Check out our guide on how to Waterproof a Swimming Pool.